to start

A long time coming, this website is going to serve as a warehouse for my projects (music, past and current), a Calendar to keep me organ-iz-ised, and a place for ponderings and experimental music.

I used to write letters back in the day.  Friends and family who read them encouraged me to write a book or at least compile the writings somewhere.  After college, I got work as a technical writer.  That led to some excitement initially, especially as the world of digital communication began to unfold (circa 1987).  I documented telephony and high-speed (T1) switching systems, networks, etc.  Heady days at first.  It also led to tedium.  Once I got a feel of things I wanted more, more to do and more creativity for the technical briefs, hardware and software manuals I had to produce.  So I got into multi-media development where technical words could be accompanied by pictures, motion, and eventually music.

Then came the world wide web.  I no longer had to react to another engineer’s design, I was able to design my own application or thing.  For most of the past 15 years, a significant part of my day job has circled around the web.  And so here I am.

I’m not as interested in the web as a medium, but love how much easier it is to compile all of my various media and share it.  I want a place for my stuff.  This will be it:   It will be my music catalog, with sounds photos and movies, samples and maybe something I haven’t even pondered yet. I’ve got a lot of history to log but I think I’ll enjoy, given time.

To start, here’s an audio sample from a recording done over the summer.  This is Wasted Potential Brass Band recorded live but in the controlled environment of a studio in Avondale Estates…